I aim to provide a safe, supportive and confidential space in which you can explore your concerns and difficulties.




is directed at helping you resolve more specific issues and difficulties, such as relationship problems, bereavement, anxiety and stress. It is often shorter term and helps you find ways of approaching life situations differently, through changing your thinking and behaviour.



offers longer term support and greater depth. It explores more deeply rooted issues from the past that may be causing problems in the present. The focus is more on gaining insight and awareness.

The therapeutic process is an exploration and a journey that leads to a better understanding of yourself. Within the therapeutic relationship we can explore the changes you wish to make and move towards a greater acceptance of your full potential.


helps you to become more aware of the present moment and encourages you to listen and pay attention to yourself more deeply. As you become aware of the subtle changes affecting your body and mind you will gain insight into whatever is troubling you. Awareness is at the heart of my work with clients, how you can take meaning from your experience is an important part of how you relate to the world. Mindfulness offers an acceptance of your experience as it is. We are often at war with ourselves, wanting things to be different. By allowing yourself to accept each unfolding moment you will develop an acceptance and increased capacity to manage the difficulties in your life.



I offer supervision to practising counsellors, psychotherapists and trainees who are seeking support in their work and a space where they can reflect on their practise. 

My orientation is integrative. My aim is to provide an enquiring, supportive and compassionate environment within which you can explore, develop and grow. I see supervision as joint practise, a collaborative and creative process that holds an in depth reflection of the work. 

I offer a welcoming, safe, and reflective space in which to hold your practice. A space that encourages autonomy, responsibility and creativity in your client work. Together we will work in a way that encourages you to develop your strengths and discover your unique personal style. 

I have undertaken supervision as part of my work since 2009. I hold an Advanced diploma and Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision and I draw upon over 15 years experience as an integrative counsellor and supervisor working in both private practise and as a senior counsellor at the University of Winchester. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time discuss your requirements.