I draw on a number of different theoretical models and styles, acknowledging that each client has different needs and that no one single approach is sufficient. I adapt to you rather than expecting you to fit into any one way of working.



As an integrative counsellor and supervisor I hold the belief that the relationship that develops between counsellor and client is central to the therapeutic work. It is the quality of the therapeutic relationship that offers the possibility for healing, insight and change. My approach considers the whole person, mind, body and emotions, and our work together will look at integrating elements of yourself that have become out of balance and in need of attention.

My aim is to facilitate an accepting, non-judgmental, confidential space and relationship. A space where you feel met, truly seen and from within which you can begin to accept all aspects of who you are.



My work is influenced by psychodynamic, humanistic and mindfulness-based theory and practice.



I hold a conviction that people are naturally healthy given the right conditions. I acknowledge the uniqueness of each human being and am concerned with helping you realise your full potential. 


I acknowledge the importance of human development and the childhood patterns that affect you in the here and now. Counselling can help you to understand how some of your patterns of behaviour may contribute to your difficulties.




A mindfulness approach to counselling and psychotherapy focuses on our awareness in the present moment.  It exposes our tendency to become lost in thought, ruminating and creating unhelpful stories about the past and the future.  Mindfulness encourages us to wake up to ourselves and to experience who we truly are.